Yarrow Ecovillage

The Yarrow Ecovillage is made up of four distinct components:

  • Groundswell Multigenerational Cohousing
  • Yarrow Ecovillage Community Farm -- most of the 20 acres are being actively farmed
  • Elderberry Seniors Cohousing -- currently in the planning stages
  • Yarrow Central Enterprises -- future business and retail development
  • What is Co-Housing?

    Imagine living in one of 33 residences nestled between our mixed use commercial/residential and a 20 acre Organic farm within the Yarrow Ecovillage. Know your neighbors, enjoy fresh veggies grown by your community farmers, enjoy the natural swimming hole, children's play areas (complete with other children to play with!) and all the local amenities Yarrow Central has to offer.

    Each household occupies a private on-site residence with its own kitchen. The residences are mostly owner-occupied, not rentals, though some rental will be available.

    Grounsdwell Cohousing is not a commune nor co-op housing. We aren't affiliated with any particular religion nor do we have a guru, or leader. The legal structure of our cohousing is that of a strata which is typical of most multi-family town-home and apartment developments in British Columbia. Similar to a Condo, we offer shared spaces. Our common spaces have been designed by residents to include a play room, craft room, music room, guest room, kitchen and eating area, laundry facilities, huge BBQ area, hot tub and sauna, wood shop and other bonuses special to being on farmland.

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  • Homes for Sale and/or Rental

    Please check the listings on Groundswell Cohousing website

    Pictures and floorplans for the remaining homes are in these two Facebook Albums: Album A. and Album B


    Please check our new website for updated tour dates: groundswellcohousing.ca.

    Looking for more?

    Grounsdwell Cohousing has just launched their new website. Some content is still being added but feel free to browse around. groundswellcohousing.ca.