Make Your Packaging Eco-friendly

Here’s How You Can Make Your Packaging Eco-friendly

With the growing trend towards eco-friendliness among consumers, it is likely that retailers will be working harder to create more environmentally friendly products. Here are some tips for making sure they succeed!

The average American generates four pounds of garbage per day. The packaging alone takes up thirty percent of that figure. In today’s eCommerce world, especially with companies like Amazon Prime, free shipping has become the rule rather than the exception.

Consumers enjoy the convenience of online shopping but it’s causing greater harm to our environment. As eCommerce continues to grow exponentially, consumers become increasingly aware and conscious about their shopping choices, especially when it comes to waste in their packaging.

As an environmentalist, why would you want to use non-eco-friendly packaging for your products? What can you do to make your distribution process more environmentally friendly?

A recyclable material including paper bags and plastic bottles on an oak tree with a green recycling logo in the middle.

Why should you care about eco-friendly packaging?

As an online store, there are three main benefits to using eco-friendly packaging and practices: sustainability, customer, and cost.

  1. Reducing our carbon footprint is a responsible choice as a company. We should be aware of how we impact the local and global environment around us. Today’s companies are the future for the next generation.
  2. Millennials and Generation Z consumers especially expect companies to be socially responsible. If your sustainable initiatives appeal to them, they’re more likely to become loyal and return for future purchases.
  3. In the longer term, environmentally friendly packaging and lower waste can save you a substantial amount of money. After implementing such practices, they’re also cheaper and more efficient for most online businesses.

Tips To Increase Your Brand’s Eco-Friendliness:

Even if you’ve made every effort to be a sustainable business, there’s no guarantee that you’re going to succeed. To truly maximize the benefits of being a sustainably run company, you must develop a all strategy for your brand. You can start with this:

Minimize the size:

The lighter the package, the cheaper it is to ship. It takes up less space and uses less energy than heavier packages.

To reduce the size of an object (like a box) then you can do so by cutting out unnecessary parts. For example, if you’re packing something into a box, you might cut out part of the lid to reduce the overall volume of the box.

If you want to save money, you should try to minimize the number of packages you use for shipping. You shouldn’t have too many different types of boxes, where each box contains just one type of package.

think about investing in AI or other technology systems. These can assist in analyzing your product and packing containers to most efficiently pack and ship items. This is one of our best methods to optimize your packaging and cut back on excess fat.

Use biodegradables:

Recycling cardboard, paperboard, and plastics is one of the easiest ways to create new items from recycled material. Choose biodegradable plastic instead of traditional plastics if possible. Biodegradable plastics will start to degrade naturally when they’re left outdoors.


One of the most important parts of packaging is making sure that the product arrives unbroken. If the item arrives damaged, the customer may not buy from you again, which could be bad for your business.

Focus on eco-friendly packing materials that are minimal and light. Pack them in an attractive way so they’re easy for people to use. Sustainability is one of the most effective ways to grow your business into the future.